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Fair Commerce

This programme gives the user control over all business events related to organising fair and congress activities. It enables both internal analyses needed to manage correspondence for a specific fair, as well as an overview of the entire invoicing of services and space to exhibitors.

The programme takes into account the importance of data quality in managing fair activities. It is based on earlier events in order to plan, analyse and make business decisions on managing fairs in the future. Accurate, up-to-date, coordinated and reliable source data is therefore of great importance.

eKSF enables a complete integration with other parts of the information system in the company (accounting, CRM, document system, business intelligence) i.e. it becomes a part of it. This means shared code forms, document transfer (advance invoices, invoices and credit notes) to accounting, payment transfer, cards and open items from accounting to sales department, mailing design and overview of all interactions via the CRM, etc.

This programme is also compatible with the BI3 module – business intelligence which enables you to measure key success indicators and make appropriate strategic decisions based on data analysis. It is a tool that enables quick and simple adjustments of the analytical cube view with its OLAP functionality.

The technological platform is of great importance due to the online basis of the programme, which enables business activities 24/7 and significantly simplifies process management for the user.

Today our eKSF programme for managing fairs is a solution tested in the actual environment and it is constantly upgraded and improved based on new experience.

Main features of the programme:

  • All data for individual exhibitors are found in one place – “in a folder”, which enables quick and simple selection and overview of all business events related to the fair.
  • The system of so-called E-registration is enabled, which in practice means that exhibitors can register for individual fairs using the online application, and at the same time this significantly cuts down on time needed to enter information on each exhibitor.
  • Managing so-called accompanying fair events (conventions, concerts…).
  • Complete integration with other IS parts (Nominal ledger with balance accounts, Managing client relations and Document system).
  • Automated generation of the service price sheet for individual fairs.
  • Automated generation of estimates, advance invoices, invoices and credit notes.
  • Automated preparation of recipient lists and simple formation of notifications for the exhibitors (i.e. target mailing).

Main functions of the programme are:

  • Automated recalculation of the service price sheet for individual fairs, with the option of manual entry and changes in prices and in any currency.
  • Every exhibitor at the fair has its own folder containing information about the display area and equipment and rented services.
  • Option of copying data from one folder to another, saving on time when entry of the same or similar data is required.
  • Option of transfer (advance) payments from GKS1 or manual entry of (advance) payments, which are added at automated invoice generation.
  • Overview of balance account cards and open items of the exhibitor and printout directly from the folder.
  • Entering, updating and printout of business partners’ code lists, postal codes, currencies, exchange rates, tax rates, locations, venues, fairs, services, folder types and construction types.
  • Entering texts for advance invoices and other invoices, in Slovene and English. When you form texts, you can use the same functions as in commonly used word processors (choose font styles and letter size, colour, align the text to the left, right etc.).
  • You can chose from various reports that enable you to have a complete overview of the events taking place at the fair. All reports can be exported to commonly used office tools (PDF, CSV...).

Some of the main reports:

  • Overview and printout of all estimates, advance invoices and fair invoices or for each individual folder.
  • Overview and printout of orders to technical services for individual fairs based on services entered on each folder.
  • Overview and printout of estimate payments for individual fairs with the possibility of printing paid, unpaid or all estimates.
  • Overview and printout of exhibitors’ lists for individual fairs. They can be printed out according to their name, venue and location or according to the size of their display area.
  • Overview and printout of the service card for individual fairs. This enables you to print out a record of all services ordered by the exhibitor for the fair at any time.