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"Online application ProGUEST enables entering guests to e-guestbook, registration at the police department and reporting the tourist tax payments to administrative units. The procedure using the ProGUEST application is simple and suitable for smaller room renters, in particular those, who still manually manage the guest registrations and tourist tax payments. A simple guest data entry, and all is ready for the registration at the police department and well as for mandatory monthly tourist tax reporting at the administrative units. Users of the application will save time and promptly meets the legal obligations."

Uroš Buda, deputy director,
Institute GSD

The application ProGUEST complies with the provisions for the tourist tax registry according to the Slovenian law Zakon o spodbujanju razvoja turizma (ZSRT, Ur.list RS št. 2/04), for the competent municipalities controlled by our intermunicipal inspectorate.

Gregor Jarkovič, municipality inspector,
Intermunicipal inspectorate for constabulary of municipalities

ProGUEST- Electronic management of guestbook

 Three steps to a complete guest register – ProGUEST


                                                        Want to know how?

An online solution ProGUEST is intended to all small room renters who want a fast, simple and transparent guestbook management. A perfect solution for guests check-in, register, registration at the police office and tourist tax reporting at the administrative units.

Step 1: Guest check-in and e-book entry

Just “run the application and carry on business“. Upon the guest's arrival, simply enter the registration data in the application provided. You do that only once as the events of the entire business are correlated. A onetime data entry eliminates possible errors. The guestbook register can be obtained by a single click – you can instantly get guests data, for example for the inspectorate.

Step 2: Registration at the police office

ProGUEST enables an online connection to the eGUEST application. The guests check-in data is electronically sent to the police office according to the IS standards (ITSP).

Step 3: Tourist tax reporting to administrative units

Use the form prescribed by law to send monthly reports to administrative units. The form is automatically filled in, based on the entered guest data. It will save time and money.


Why choosing ProGUEST?

• Complete and orderly oversight of guests
• Time savings
• Less data entry errors (data is entered only once)
• Less business expenses
• Quick data access
• Simple usage
• Lease at a convenient price

 When work becomes pleasure

With the ProGUEST online application, our main goal was to develop a product that meets all the standards and tasks of the best tourist and business practices. At the same time, we wanted to develop a simple and user friendly web application, which you will enjoy working with.


For flawless operation, ProGUEST requires the Mozilla Firefox internet browser: see the Instructions for installing Mozilla Firefox (Navodila za namestitev Mozilla Firefox)

You can access the ProGUEST application through this web site http:\\portal.pronet-kr.si Please contact us for username and password.

The online solution ProGUEST is primarily appealing for those who rent out one or a few rooms. The application enables you to lower the costs of purchasing an expensive book register, the costs of delivering the registration forms to the police office, and it will save you a lot of time. Please check the convenient ProGUEST packages and pricelists.



Web Solution ProGUEST was among the finalists for the award EuroCloud Slovenia 2012 in the category Best Case Study in the Private Sector.