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Pro CRM - Wellness

 The Tool for Comprehensive Communication and Marketing

 Pro CRM Wellness

  • Do you know your customers? Do you pay equal attention to all of them?
  • Do you know who your customers are and what they are interested in? Do you know their habits?
  • Do you know how to introduce your services and products, making them feel trustworthy at the same time?
  • Do you use communication tools that are target oriented and use social marketing?
  • Do you know how to use the customers data and take advantage of it when customers call you?
  • Do you return all of the received calls?
  • Can you convince your customers to share their contact information (mobile phone number, e-mail address, web address)?

Those are only a couple of issues that you cannot manage without using a comprehensive IT solution. Healthcare, spa tourism and wellness have though some unique principles and demands that a  »classic« CRM systems do not cover, and would therefore be necessary to simultaneously implement several compatible IT solutions.

lekarniško poslovanje - rešitev za lekarneAdvantages

We are convinced that Pro CRM and the pertaining services are the right answer to your needs. In addition to positive effects, Pro CRM brings enormous time savings, enabling the employees to carry out their responsibilities without any additional burden of repeated tasks with no added value.

 CRM - upravljanje odnosov s strankami Integration

The solution offers a wide range of integrations and can be made ready-to-use by renewing the telephony systems, call centers, SMS and e-mail notifications.

CRM - upravljanje odnosov s strankami Custom Establishment

To establish this technological solution, there are two options available: purchase and installation at the customer site, or a simple lease of services. We wish to get as close as possible to customer to  find an optimal and most suitable solution together. For a start, we offer to carry out an analysis, or organize communication workshops.

CRM - upravljanje odnosov s strankami Sales and marketing

The market is dynamic and is changing rapidly. It requires fast, target oriented marketing response and efficiency with minimum investments. With the modern technological solution, you can make an individual - even if one of many - a unique one. A personal approach is crucial in the area of healthcare and wellness.

 CRM - upravljanje odnosov s strankami Customer satisfaction

Pro CRM, including all of the criteria necessary for effective application, is a proven and comprehensive solution.  One of the satisfied customers is the first diagnostic centre in Slovenia – Diagnostični center Bled (www.dc-bled.si). They are using the solution for all of their patients. 





The solutions for wellness are prepared in cooperation with the company of the ICT technology park (PRONET Kranj) and the partner company (LOGITUS). We are convinced that using our solutions, you will become faster, more effective, more personal and more target oriented. 


LOGITUS – Project management and hosting partner for Pro CRM – Wellness and Healthcare