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Business Intelligence by PRONET

An advanced solution for reporting, analytics and business management support  

Data at a click of a button

Pronet BI enables you to bring your financial data together into analytical cubes for simple and fast  table reports tailored to any criterion. Instantly get an insight to business performance – it's only a click away.


 •Timely response to customer requests
•Knowing the customer needs
•High response rate to market changes
•Business process optimization
•Cost efficiency
•Qualitative analytics for future planning
•Efficient resource utilization

Using the Pronet BI 

 •Defining content of the OLAP cubes
•Free customization of data hierarchy
•Setting up criteria and any filters
•Large amount of data with fast processing
•Export to Excel
•Saving and using standard analyses 
•Graphic presentation of data

A comprehensive analytics solutions

 •The software solution includes a data warehouse and the OLAP tool for analytical processing
•Pronet BI professional training for your analytics experts
•Consulting services: introducing an analytical system, tools usage and your analysis processing
•Merging your data from various transactional database sources into a common data warehouse. 
•Professional customer support and continuous analytical cubes content improvement.

Data security 

Data security is assured by assigning different security level roles and rights. In the cube building process, it is essential to distinguish between the group with access to data and the group who generates OLAP cubes.

 Customer satisfaction 

 The quality and usability of our solutions are best demonstrated by our loyal  customers. Check these  references..