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"If I had to point a few things out about the AccountingBOX, it would be how easy it is to use it, and overall transparency of the program. Not to mention the enormous competitive advantage that the company PRONET offers to accounting firms who use the AccountingBOX, it’s subscribers access to their data, reports and analysis."
Metod Šinkovec,

"I find AccountingBOX really simple to use and unique."
Suzana Masnec,
MS Plus d.o.o.

"All praises and congratulations for all your effort! And for the fact that my work is now even greater pleasure and joy as it used to be."
Simona Pantar,
SIMI-PA d.o.o.

"Congratulations on this latest achievement! I didn't think I would live to see artificial intelligence actually become a tool, not just entertainment."
Anita Praprotnik,
R Konto d.o.o.

AccountingBOX & Siris - Your Intelligent Business Assistant

 ProGRAM - Spletno poslovanje

AccountingBOX with Siris has the ability of understanding and can quickly provide solution to the entrepreneur's pains.

A well performed accounting service is the base ground of every successful company. PRONET has developed a solution that intuitively understands contemporary business activity. Even more – the artificial intelligence integrated into the solution takes the role of a business assistant. Therefore, companies or independent entrepreneurs can no longer burden themselves with accounting and book keeping issues.

AccountingBOX is one of the first solutions that supports business processes in the perspective of tracking changes. The solution consolidates every element: customers, suppliers, business owners, employees, accounting services and the latest technology, including artificial intelligence.

is perfect for companies with no accounting department of their own. It offers an ultimate records keeping and concurrently gives information on late-payers, liabilities discharge, enables regular monitoring of the cash flow and costs, as per individual category. The balance sheet, the income statement and other business indicators can be obtained at any given moment. It is an ideal solution for independent entrepreneurs and small businesses. They only have to provide the incoming documents and issue invoices, all other operations like bookkeeping, balance of accounts, and accounting advisory is taken care of by the AccountingBOX.

Native Interaction

The AI enables interaction in natural language. A virtual accounting assistant is always at user's disposal. The assistant not only masters explanations of individual functions, it can also transform text questions into corresponding enquiries and present them in a form of a report, a chart or text answer. It has the ability to understand, conclude, verbally interact and it can instantly answer questions like, 'Which invoices are due today?', 'What is this month's VAT liability?', and many more.

Solution for Efficient Business

An entrepreneur can monitor his or her business over a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer at anytime and anywhere. The implementation does not require any hardware or license costs.

is available in several editions ranging from the simple ones, intended for independent entrepreneurs and small-sized companies, advanced editions for companies with their own accounting, to specialized editions for accounting service companies and institutions. There is a special package for start-ups, as well.

With the AccountingBOX, companies and entrepreneurs achieve an increased competitive advantage as its usage results in a faster business operation at a lower cost. Due to advanced technologies of speech recognition, analytics and artificial intelligence, AccountingBOX is the most contemporary business tool, and together with the mobile device support, it is available to anyone at any time.