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Extra opportunities, increased sales, more customers – Pro CRM

Pro CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offers solutions and support for all business processes that will promote your customer relationships, keep you customer happy and trusting! Pro CRM is designed to effectively support marketing, sales activities, post-sales activities, and customer support.
Right solution, at a right time, and at affordable price – the first step to a pleased customer who keeps coming back. To achieve a quality and solid relationship with your customers, focus on their needs, expectations, interests, demands and mutual relationship that you must carefully and continuously build and improve throughout the business contacts.

Focus on the customer

Loyalty of your customer is built upon understanding, recognizing and studying the customer needs to generate the right approach and strategy for customer relations. This is achieved by carefully studying who your customer is – not merely a group of customers, but focus on a customer as the individual.
Sales and marketing

Pro CRM is a service as well as a web-based application and technology for automating and improving CRM business processes: sales, marketing, customer service and support. Pro CRM will help you understand, initiate, maintain and keep long-term relations with your customers.

Track your customer purchasing habits, order, needs, behavior... Fully customizable, you can create reports to match the exact needs and requests of your customers.
Customer support and service

Your customers can access a convenient and user friendly web-based application anytime and anywhere, regardless of the office opening hours. Track the entire documentation, new product solutions, project status, problem report status.
Integration with other solutions

The Pro CRM can be integrated with many other solutions your customers are using. (Inventory, Travel orders, Accounting and finance, Liquidation…)
Customer satisfaction
The quality and usability of our solutions are best demonstrated by our loyal customers. Check these references.